Dear Daddy…

We wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to here at home.  The good news is that the weather has warmed up and we’ve been having sunny, clear blue skies.  The only downfall is that the earth is quite wet and muddy due to the thaw and whenever Bentley comes back in, he leaves a trail of mud around the house.  Mama isn’t too happy about that one. 

On Friday, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Bentley’s arch-enemies have returned..

…the DEER!  Lots of them have been visiting us in our backyard.  The crows are back as well.

Bentley hasn’t been to happy about that.  Check out that action shot!

We’ve been playing with our cars and other motor vehicles.  We made a really long train that was almost as long as the kitchen!  We each play with a dinosaur.  Micah gets the white one from church and Manu plays with the big, green one.

Ty has been a little more adventurous and trying to reach things from the tables and desks.  Here, he is trying to get a little leverage from your boating Crocs. 

We decorated our Relay for Life luminaries with lots of fun spring stickers and Auntie Jeanette will bring them to the race for us.

For church this morning, we decided to go with our retro neck ties that used to be Uncle Jukes’s.

We’ve been eating lots of processed foods like (Big Franks and frozen waffles) since Mama hasn’t felt like cooking much.  It’s been yummy!  But she still makes us eat fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Here we are playing our homemade trumpets before leaving for church.

We were super-late for Sabbath School, but we were still able to hear a Bible story from Grandma Karen.  Kaelan even sat next to us on the beach mat!

During church, they asked Micah to collect offering!  He went up with Rachel and he did a great job.  Well, tomorrow we are going to pick you up!  We can’t wait!  Miss you very much and we love you. 

Love, Manu, Micah, Ty, and Mama

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