1236354_10201241489492832_758770258_nImanuel Alexander or Manu is our oldest Ramos-Namm boy.  He is bright and has a very sensitive understanding of the world’s complexities.

He was named after his abuelo Juan Manuel Ramos Armenta.

Manu is a deeply spiritual boy with a compassionate heart and great desire to make those around him as happy as possible.  He was born in Ann Arbor, MI at the University of Michigan Hospital.

Manu’s interests are triathlons, rockets, and taking care of his insect-eating plant.  He also loves playing piano.

Manu loves church — especially Sabbath School class and Adventurers.  Church, for him, is a time to learn about Jesus and spend time with friends.

He is enrolled at Greater Lansing Adventist School (GLAS) and he loves his teachers, classmates, and school!

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