285406_10151506606741894_1813501710_nMicah Christian is the middle of three boys  just like his grandpa whom he was named after Myung K. Namm or Michael Namm.

He loves to smile and daydream.  Sometimes, he likes to frown or stare into the distance — half of the time concentrating on what he’s being told and the other half ignoring everything.

He loves sharing random facts that he’s learned and quoting things that others have said which he thinks are funny, educational, or interesting.

Micah is fascinated with money–good thing he likes to save.  He is also fascinated with food and loves it when we stay for church potlucks on Saturdays after the church service.  He also likes Sabbath School and Eager Beavers Club.  Micah is very tenacious and driven to keep up with his older bro Manu.

He loves being a part of Team Revolution, especially because he can wear his turtle helmet!  He’s excited to be enrolled in Greater Lansing Adventist School.  He is thriving there!

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