Our pets have been a part of our family since the start.  They’ve been there to welcome home each of our boys from the hospital, they’ve made every move with us, and they’ve seen us at our best and at our worst.  Even as they age, we feel blessed to still have them in our lives.  Here are some recent pics of them:


Our first pet, Chance, was also adopted from the Huron Valley Humane Society in Ann Arbor.  While they were dating, Israel adopted him to give to Judy as a gift for her 22nd birthday in 2003.  He is Judy’s favorite birthday gift!  He is shy, but once he warms up to you, his purring motor turns on full blast and he will paw at you to show him some love.


Our eldest pet, Aroe who was adopted from the Huron Valley Humane Society in Ann Arbor, MI in October of 2003.  He was adopted by Judy a week after Chance.  She realized Chance needed a companion to keep him company while she was teaching at school.  He has had a myriad of health issues, but he is the sweetest cat who has brought us so much joy.  Petting him is an instant stress-reliever!


Bentley, aka “Bentaliah Theophilus Ramos” was born to purebred Jack Russell Terrier parents and was purchased from the pet store in Twelve Oaks Mall.  He was our most impulsive and irresponsible buy.  Israel fell in love with him while we were waiting for our brother Justin to get off work (Surf City Squeeze) back in 2005.  While it is true, we probably could have adopted 20 dogs from the shelter with how much he cost, there is no dog like him and he was worth it.  His loyalty, brilliant intuition, and unconditional love for our family has touched our hearts in a remarkable way.

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