545870_10151988620021894_391775907_nTitus Israel or Ty is the baby of the family.  He loves being a part of his brothers’ lives and can’t wait to do the things they do.

Ty was obviously named after his daddy.

He is the pride and joy of our family–mainly because his curious approach to life keeps the family young and smiling.  Ty is very determined.  He is preparing himself to be a great runner if he keeps up his current exercising regiment.

Many times, Ty can be found in a corner by himself playing with a toy in each hand–mostly making crashing noises and saying, “ah man!”  Presently, he’s trying to master swimming and riding a bike.  In the meantime, he exercises by running around the outside of our house as fast as he can.

He recently gave up his mommy shirt and now enjoys riding on the tractor to prevent the safety switch from shutting off the mower while his older bro drives.

At church, Ty is a Little Lamb!

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