The Boys Meet Goats

I took the boys to a program at our public library where a family brought their mother goat and her two kids.  We went with a couple other moms and their children that we know.  The librarian read goat stories to the kids (including my all-time fav, Bill Grogan’s Goat) and then we went into the community room to meet the real ones.  We learned how to take care of goats and saw a milking demonstration.  The boys enjoyed it although they were so shy and needed coaxing to pet them. 


2 thoughts on “The Boys Meet Goats”

  1. Those look like well-behaved goats! My first experience with goats made me not like them so much… they kept chewing on all my clothes and getting the mashed up pellets from between their teeth all over my clothes… :/

  2. haha!  interesting that you mentioned that.  the owners were saying how the mom goat does chew on them.  i think there were just so many people and kids around that they were a little shell-shocked.  🙂

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