Life over the last ten years has been full of ups and downs.  We have experienced life’s most joyous events, we have encountered our most toughest challenges, and we have struggled together to weather our roughest storms. Our journey has taken us to the Upper Peninsula and back.  For three of those years, air travel around the world reached beyond 300,000 air miles.  Simultaneously, more than 150,000 miles were driven on our faithful Freestyle.  Manu enjoyed the luxuries of first class travel while visiting different parts of Europe and America.  And the three boys became men hitting a record 9 hours of driving without potty breaks! Our kids are growing too fast before our eyes.  Soon, they will be making memories outside of our tightly knit family circle.  For now, we have enjoyed every minute with them.  Well, almost every minute. If there is one lesson that 10 years has taught us, it is this: with all the ups and downs, and side-to-side adventures; we’d choose for ourselves the life that God has given us together.  We’d choose it a million times over.

A birthday party for Israel arranged by Judy during the dating years. Justin drove all the way to Ann Arbor from Berrien.
At the St. Louis, MO General Conference Session when we found out that we were having Manu. Seven horns coming out of Adam Ramdin’s head.
Our faithful car. As old as our oldest boy — still running like a champ! The car top carrier — one of our best investments.
Our beautiful home. Fall in the UP. Two of our three boys were born there and we consider ourselves Yoopers for life.
On vacation in Spain with the Iwankiw Family and Steph.
With Africa behind us!
Colors! In Spain.
At Steph and Jeff’s wedding. The only time Judy and Israel appeared in a wedding together.
A Fourth of July that we’ll never forget. At the Shin’s house hanging with Steph, Jeff, and Justin.
Visiting national parks.
One of our favorite pictures.
At Ministerial Meeting, Camp Au Sable.
Messing around in the Yoop!
Entering the culture of triathlon. Judy finishes top 10.
Family at home while Daddy travels. Great supporters.

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